Our Pet Resort Offers Luxury Daycare and Boarding

Worried about leaving your precious pet with a stranger while you’re away? Have no fear, because Coastal Paws Pet Resort offers the highest standard of daycare and boarding services to ensure that your pet will be in the best hands possible when you’re not around. Our trained professionals are happy to help you select the best package to suit your pet’s needs and will work to ensure that your pet has an amazing experience while staying with us. We provide all of our clients with peace of mind knowing that their pets are in good hands!

Luxury Doggy Daycare

Dogs can spend all day playing in doggy daycare at resort-like facilities. Doggy daycare provides playtime alone or with others, allowing dogs to socialize and play during the day while their owners are away. The best doggy daycare centers have outdoor play areas, pools, air conditioning or other amenities, depending on your dog’s needs.

Doggy Day Care For All Breeds

While we don’t breed discriminate, certain dogs are better suited for day care than others. Our staff loves animals of all shapes and sizes, but each pet needs individual attention based on their temperament. Dogs can play together if they get along well with one another (we like to keep same-size groups), but there’s always plenty of space for one-on-one play as well. We do a behavior analysis to see which play type would best suit your fur baby.

Cat Boarding

We dont just stop at dog boarding! Luxury cat boarding in which each cat gets individual play time, with a lot of human contact is available. Plus, they’re given special cat condos where they can rest up between play sessions. Boarded cats also get to roam in our inside our lounge suite when they aren’t playing, so they don’t feel lonely or left out when their friends are getting attention from our staff. They even have private sleeping quarters!

Dog Boarding

Our luxury pet boarding services include tuck in stories, sometimes a bed time song sung by their staff, a video camera feed to view your pets’ stay at any time in their suite and a small treat for each walk or play session with one of our staff members. (Whatever mom and dad allow.) The bedtime story is a personal touch. At most kennels, dogs will be shuttled from cage to cage during quiet time as different employees make their rounds, checking on all of them; but not here. The story is told just before bedtime—during lights out—and while there are other dogs around, they all listen quietly as an employee reads off her list of favorites. Its light out when the story is over!

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