Dispel Your Doubts About Boarding Your Cat

Boarding your cat at a boarding facility might seem like a raw deal. After all, your cat likely feels safer in your home than at a strange place full of other cats and unfamiliar people. But without fail, sudden illness or accidental injury can happen while you’re out of town. Boarding your cat with us is the best solution!

The Difference

Cats enjoy routine and consistency, so if you’re out for the night or away for a long weekend your cat may be more than ready to join a caring staff at an animal hospital. Doctors and technicians are trained experts in their fields, and we can address any health concerns quickly and appropriately.

But It’s Home…

Boarding can be a wonderful, and safe, alternative to being alone at home. Our caregivers are trained professionals who will ensure your kitty is protected, happy and well-fed in his or her own home away from home during their stay with us.

Come On In

Do you worry about your cat when it’s time to board them for the weekend? At Coastal Paws Pet Resort, we offer cat condos instead of cages, in our comfortable boarding suites. Your cat will be pampered in a private area with their own bed, food and water bowls and litter box. They are free to move around and enjoy the view from their perch.

Kitty’s Choice

Our cats are often curious about each other and may interact, but our boarding cats are invited to remain in their individual condos for the duration of their stay. We’ll take great care that your pets don’t get too lonely and will make sure every cat gets plenty of attention, praise, and treats.

Boarding Your Cat

Is your cat alone in the house or left with someone who only stops by to feed them? If so, they are not getting the same kind of care as our cats at Coastal Paws Pet Resort. The cats live with us 24/7 and have padded beds, toys and scratching posts. They have plenty of room to play and explore as well.

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