Dog Boarding vs. Hiring A Dog Sitter

With the holiday season approaching, more and more pet owners are left with the decision as to whether they should bring their furry friend with them on their trip, hire a dog sitter for a week, or drop them off at a trusted dog boarding facility, like Coastal Paws Pet Resort. Our team is here to share a few benefits to trusting a dog boarding facility vs a dog sitter.

Dog Boarding

Here at Coastal Paws Pet Resort, our dog boarding facility gives each dog their own individual suite (unless you have two dogs that want to be boarded together) with food, water, and a chew-proof bed with a soft fleece pad. Your dog will be allowed to socialize with other dogs as well as be given plenty of time to release all that built-up energy! 

As a guest at our pet boarding facility, all owners will have access to 24-hour webcams so they can check on their pets as they please! The security of knowing each pet is being taken care of by our experts 24/7 gives owners the opportunity to enjoy their trip or vacation without worry. 

Dog Sitter

Similar to hiring a babysitter, a dog sitter is usually hired to come stay with an owner’s dog for the duration of your trip or come check on their dog for a while each day that they’re gone – whichever they prefer. Oftentimes, this can be more expensive than going with a dog boarding facility and can be hard to book during busy seasons, like the holidays. 

Depending on how often the sitter plans to be at an owner’s home, the pup can often get lonely which can lead them to develop bad habits like excessive chewing and destroying furniture or other items within their reach. 

Overall, if you want to ensure your dog is getting the best care possible while you’re away then Coastal Paws Pet Resort is the place for you! We treat all of our guests like family and wouldn’t have it any other way! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to book your first stay!

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