Boarding Your Pet While On Vacation

Going on vacation can be a huge ordeal, even if you aren’t venturing that far away from your home. Packing, planning, and getting out the door alone can be a hefty chore, and you may not even have thought about what to do with your pets while you’re away. Boarding your pet while you’re on vacation is an excellent way to ensure that they are cared for properly and safe the entire time you are gone.

Here are some reasons why you want to board your pet while you are away:

1. Safety – Aside from everything else, you want to know that your fur-kid is safe while you’re gone. This means that they cannot get outside and are stuck in the cold or heat, that they have someone paying attention to them constantly, and that you know for a fact they are kept away from things that can cause them harm. Even at home, an unsupervised pet can become scared, worried and anxious that you won’t return, resulting in getting hurt on something that normally wouldn’t have been a problem at all, like possibly chewing or eating things they normally would not. With pet boarding services from Coastal Paws and Pet Resort, your furry friend will be kept safe  and given lots of love and attention while you’re away.

2. Food and Water -Even if you have someone coming over to check on your pet, they can easily get upset from your absence and knock over their food or water, being without anything for a long period of time. Some animals, this can mean serious health problems as their metabolism requires that they eat and have water available when needed. If someone is only checking on them once a day, they can be going without food or water for too long a period. However, when your baby is being boarded with us, you never have to worry that they are out of food or water.

3. Health Problems – If your pet has any health issues, simply having someone come over once a day may not be enough. Some pets may need medication a couple of times a day, or need more than a pill pocket treat. At Coastal Paws and Pet Resort, you know that someone is there constantly to ensure they get their medications, belly rubs and attention, they have any issues dealt with immediately. You know that your fur baby will be well cared for by the best.

4. Exercise – While you’re on vacation, your fur-kid is not getting their normal amount of exercise. No walks, no play time, no fetch, on top of your absence. This means that your pet is going to get restless while they are home without you for this extended period of time. When they are at Coastal Paws and Pet Resort, they are sure to get in their necessary amount of exercise and play time each day. Pets that can play and have exercise time while they are being boarded are happier and less likely to get hurt while you are gone.

No matter how long you are going on vacation, choosing to board your pets is the right thing to do. Boarding provides quality oversight that will provide peace of mind for yourself, and ensures that your pets are taken care of by professional and caring individuals.

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