5 Reasons Doggy Daycare Is Beneficial

For most dog owners, we treat our dogs like our children and they sometimes require just as much attention as them! With the amount of attention dogs require, sometimes many pet owners can’t give them the attention they deserve – and that’s totally okay! Our team here at Coastal Paws Pet Resort provides your pooch with a clean and comfortable daycare environment. That’s why we’ve come up with five reasons why doggy daycare is beneficial.


Rather than being confined to a crate for hours at a time, here at Coastal Paws Pet Resort, our staff gives your pup the attention they deserve while allowing them to safely engage and socialize with the other canine colleagues.


It’s important that every dog gets the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. Depending on your dog’s size and temperament, each dog in our facility will be in a group for supervised off-lease indoor and outdoor playtime when they aren’t resting in their suite.


Dogs require quite a bit of exercise, and when they don’t get enough, bad habits like excessive barking and destructive behaviors can form. Our 4,000sqft facility gives your pup plenty of room to exercise and burn off extra energy so you can enjoy a sweet, calm puppy at home.

Relieves Anxiety & Boredom

Instead of being confined to their crate and awaiting your return, doggy daycare gives your pup the mental stimulation that they need to avoid creating bad, destructive behaviors.

Peace Of Mind

When your pup is here at our doggy daycare, you can rest assured that your pup is receiving the best care possible. We provide webcam access to pet owners so they can keep an eye on their pup throughout the day.

Overall, these are just a few of the reasons why doggy daycare is beneficial to your precious pup. Here at Coastal Paws Pet Resort, the safety of your pup is our top priority. Whether you’re looking for doggy daycare, overnight boarding, or a trip to our dog spa, our team is here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out or stop by with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

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